विचारांनो चला येवो तुम्हाला नीज आता
उठा भरपूर झाली ह्या मनाची झीज आता

किती लावायचे वाटेस डोळे ह्या नभांच्या
पडूद्या एकदाची ह्या मनावर वीज आता

किती धुंडाळले मी अर्थ माझ्या जीवनाचे
चला या होऊद्या आपल्या श्रमांचे चीज आता

कितीदा आर्जवांचे दान मी मातीस केले
तरी उगवायची राहून गेले बीज आता

देवेन पहिनकर

Published by

Deven Pahinkar

Donning several hats at a time, there is always one thought that pops up when I sit back and think about my day, 'was there anything interesting that I could write about?' There is so much to write about and that's exactly I want to do. I have been on an off the track of writing but super motivated now to pursue my passion for writing.

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