काहूर वेदनांचे रात्रीच भोगलेले
आक्रंदत्या मनाने मी श्वास मोजलेले

मज स्पर्शही न झाला गंधाळल्या फुलाचा
मी फक्त पहिले मज अश्रूत नाहलेले

लाटांसवे किनारी एकांत शोधला मी
लाटेस जीवनाचे मी अर्थ अर्पिलेले

-देवेन पहिनकर

Published by

Deven Pahinkar

Donning several hats at a time, there is always one thought that pops up when I sit back and think about my day, 'was there anything interesting that I could write about?' There is so much to write about and that's exactly I want to do. I have been on an off the track of writing but super motivated now to pursue my passion for writing.

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